Why Goyavier? Goyavier is a delicious little red fruit from Reunion Island. In my blog, I share little bites of deliciousness from all over the planet, little “goyaviers”. Enjoy each bite! (UPDATE: “Little bites of deliciousness” was the intention in the beginning… Over time, my blog evolved to include occasional views and facts. Not always fun to read, but hopefully informative.)

My name is Catherine Watson. I am from Reunion Island, going back 7 generations. My ancestors are from France, Africa, China, Madagascar, Portugal and India. I am a Franco-Africano-Chinese- Indian-Malagash-Portugese-Reunionese American. Welcome to my blog! It is a bit new and I look foward to sharing my perspective, observations and discoveries.

About me: I am the CEO and Legal Counsel for ProselemUSA, a dba of VitaBioTech LLC. VitaBioTech is the exclusive importer of Proselem, a French dietary supplement,  in the US. Born and raised in France, I am now a dietary supplement regulation attorney in the US. I discovered Proselem during a visit to France and loved the product so much that I decided to help the manufacturer import it into the US. Proselem is an essential component of my healthy lifestyle. I will be a Proselem fan for life! (I am not alone in that! Many people who try Proselem for a month become fans for life!)

Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

NOTE: Goyavier is a blog best read in the morning while sipping your favorite morning beverage. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nul doute que vous êtes aussi faite de ces saveurs éxotiques…Baudelaire vous a certainement connu dans une autre vie pour écrire son inviation au voyage dans l’émisphère d’une chevelure…La vision de ce blog est insoutenable pour un gourmand comme moi 😉

  2. Comment résister à cette “tentation” à la fois douce et sucrée, parfumée et légèrement colorée, mélanges d’iles lointaines, de contrées sauvages, de caractères indomptables aux allures métissées, comment ne pas succomber à ses yeux noisettes qui donnent l’avant gout d’une vie de miel….miam 😉

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