A friend recently commented on my “ability to live in the moment almost continually” and asked for my perspective on how to achieve that, um, ability. I smile because being able to live in the moment can, while delightful, have certain side effects.

Example of ability to live in the moment: I love backpacking. I backpack. I enjoy it. It is the epitome of living in the moment. Every step of the boot in the dirt while feeling the weight of the backpack, every rustling of leaves, crackling of branches, nuance of fragrance in the air, ray of light, note from a birdsong, takes part in constructing a unique, living-in-the-moment experience!

Example of unintended side effect [warning: confession time]:  my backpacking gear is strewn about my bedroom. Living in the moment of putting it away does not interest me. Ha!

Nevermind that. Back to the fun part, living in the moment!

You asked. Here they are: “Rules for living in the moment”

1. Choose your moments well. Not all moments are propitious to living in the moment. But many are! Analyze and calculate, then let go!

2. Do what you love.

2. Love what you do.

3. Love what you do even if it is not what you wanted to do right then. Find something to love in it.

4. Appreciate unrestrainedly what can be appreciated. Appreciation is not to be feared. Remember, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Yeah.

5. Let your inner child loose. See the magic around you!

6. Don’t listen to the party poopers. Flee the party poopers!

7. Identify and flee away from people who radiate negative energy. They will suck your ability to live in the moment from you. Negative people should just hang out with negative people. Perfect!

8. Get a good workout every day. Yeah, for real. At least 30 minutes of working those muscles, hard. If you are not sweating, huffing and puffing, you are not working hard enough. Give me 20. Now! What’s that got to do with living in the moment, you ask? Try it. For 30 minutes. You will see. 🙂

There you have it, my friend. My recipe for living in the moment!