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Christian Paul is a mountain man who happens to be a very talented professional photographer.

Nevermind where he was born. He was reborn in Alaska, during a solo trip in 2005. “We had no TV, barely cell service, and we had to socially interact with each other as there was not this TV to entertain us. This made us go out, live adventures, touch and see the real world. I have always loved the outdoors, but my Alaskan experience has enhanced my vision.  I feel I was reborn up there. Now I care less for TV, and more for experiencing the real world. All of this that we live in is fake, man-made, and not the real world. When I touch the wilderness, it is real. Mother Earth made that, not man. We are also made by our Mother Earth. So it makes sense why we feel so alive in the wilderness.” Christian Paul spends almost every weekend in the wilderness, often hiking and backpacking alone.

Marsell Star Trails, Marsell Canyon, Grand Daddy Basin, High Uintas Wilderness

Christian Paul’s photographs of the American West capture light and life with a soul-stirring vibrancy. There may be myriads of photographers in Utah, but Christian Paul is undeniably the truest mountain man of them all.


About Christian Paul: besides offering full photography and stock services, Christian is an avid outdoors nut and angler. His passions include hiking, trekking, backcountry camping, peak bagging, skateboarding, snowboarding. Selected work by Christian Paul is available as limited edition prints.