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Hydrogenated oils and their derivatives (i.e. mono- and di-glycerides etc) compromise the integrity of ALL YOUR CELLS* and lead to diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, premature aging, fertility problems, the diagnosed “need” for hip or knee replacement and many inflammatory and/or degenerative conditions.

Hydrogenated oils are a man-made ingredient present in many industrial foods. Hydrogenated oils are single-handedly responsible for more disease, in the USA, than any other ingredient. Hydrogenated oils are truly public enemy #1. The most important thing you can do for your health is to BAN them!

Nowadays, avoiding hydrogenated oils and mono- and di-glicerydes requires resolve and effort. Here are some strategies:

– read ingredient lists. If the words “hydrogenated” or “mono- and di-glicerydes” (or some variation) are listed in the ingredient list, BAN the item!

– spend more time in the kitchen! Cook from fresh, simple, unprocessed ingredients, including lots of fresh vegetables! If you use boxed, bottled, canned or other industrial ingredients, check the label and make sure they are free from the words mentioned above.

– when eating out, choose restaurants that serve local food prepared from scratch. If eating at a chain restaurant, stick to dishes most likely to have been prepared from scratch and that contain a lot of raw vegetables. Avoid industrially prepared dishes, sauces and desserts unless you can see the ingredient list (good luck with that).

– Typically, most hotel free “breakfasts” are loaded with hydrogenated oils. I personally snuck into the “kitchen” of one such breakfast area and looked at the labels (with the complicity of a hotel employee). As expected, most foods offered were industrial, pre-made and contained hydrogenated oils. Among the guilty offerings: scrambled eggs!!, all baked goods, waffle mix, hot cocoa, gravy, all bread, muffins, bagels, coffee creamer. In addition, the bacon had nitrite and the yogurt had high fructose corn syrup. Good news: the bananas are real!!

– Typically, the following foods contain hydrogenated oils: industrial baked goods (breads, donuts, waffles, rolls, pizza dough, bread sticks, cakes), industrial sauces, industrial ice cream, industrial peanut butter, most crackers and industrial cookies, some meal replacement powders, most hot cocoa powders, industrial coffee creamer, and so many more…

A little Q & A about hydrogenated oils:

Q: Why are hydrogenated oils used in foods?

A: Because hydrogenated oils are CHEAP and increase PROFITS. Your health is irrelevant, at best.

Q: Are foods containing hydrogenated oils delicious?

A: No. Hydrogenated oils makes products more profitable for manufacturers, not more delicious for you.

Q: Do I need to give up my favorite treats such as ice cream, cookies, cakes, crackers, breads etc?

A: No! You can still have your treats. Just be vigilant and either make them yourself (delicious!!) or buy commercial versions that are free from hydrogenated oils and/or mono- and di-glycerides.

For every industrial food containing hydrogenated oils on the market, there exist at least one better-tasting counterpart free from these poisons.

Examples of delicious products free from hydrogenated oils and/or mono- and di-glycerides:

Most Haagen Dazs ice cream!

Most Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

Most Kashi products

Many natural peanut butters, including Adam’s Peanut Butter

Many delicious cookies and crackers from the health food store. Links welcome.

Most organic breads, including Dave’s Killer Bread. Delicious!

Many other wonderful products. Share your favorite links in the comments!

While you’re at it, ban high fructose corn syrup and nitrites from your diet. They will be the focus of a later article.

BOTTOM LINE: bad ingredients such as hydrogenated oils are added to foods NOT to make them delicious but to make them more profitable!! Do not fall for it. Boycott hydrogenated oils. It is a great first step to ensuring long-lasting health and freedom from the ailments that plague America today.

Eliminating these poisons from your diet is, unequivocally, the most important thing you can do for your health. Once you have done that, further empower your cells by taking cod liver oil or fish oil every day and a whole food bioavailable synergistic antioxidant such as Proselem.

*I have asked my resident Biology Artist to draw some diagrams illustrating the effect of hydrogenated oils on cell membranes and cell function. Scary stuff. I will publish them later.

The best dissertations on hydrogenated oils are:

David Lawrence Dewey’s acclaimed column, “Hydrogenated Oils, The Silent Killers” at http://www.dldewey.com/hydroil.htm  and

Eric Armstrong’s “Metabolic Poisons: What’s Wrong with Partially Hydrogenated Oils?” at http://www.treelight.com/health/nutrition/PartiallyHydrogenatedOils.html and his “What’s Wrong with Mono-and Di-Glycerides?” at http://www.treelight.com/health/nutrition/Mono-Di-Glyderides.html

Additional information on the dangers of hydrogenated oils:




DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for persons who live in the 21st century, in areas where hydrogenated oils have pervaded the food supply (i.e. the US and, well, pretty much the rest of the world except for a few lucky countries). Please note that hydrogenated oils are now banned in restaurants in New York City and California, where the legislation has recognized that hydrogenated oils are killers.  

Notes: partially hydrogenated oils are just as dangerous as fully hydrogenated oils. See David Lawrence Dewey’s article above. Read also, in the links above, how manufacturers use mono- and di-glycerides – which have the same health-damaging effects as hydrogenated oils – to skirt the labeling requirements on trans-fat. You, the consumer, pay the price with your health. React! Share this information with loved ones!