So… a reader of my blog sent me this comment in response to the infamous article. Read on.

“This comment is for all those husbands out there who groan when their spouse tries to “ïmprove” their diet.

So there you are, happily chomping on a Big Mac and side of fries, blissfully content as you swab each fry into a crimson ocean of ketchup.  You are proud of yourself because you chose to pass on your usual supersized half-gallon of diet coke and are sipping on a 32 oz root beer instead.

Life is good…..then you wake up.

Like me, many of my fellow high fructose corn syrup brothers have had their lives turned inside out by a wife who has “gone organic”.  Our diets have been converted to the cult of lean fish, spinach leaves, endless raw salads and veggies.  The six pack of “you name it” in our refrigerator has been replaced with purified water with slices of cucumber or lemon.

Well, my Brothers of the fridge, isn’t it time to do something about this? Action is required! Our very manhood is at stake!

Do we secretly cheat on our wives by having an affair with hydrogenated oil? Or perhaps run off with a couple of sexy monodiglycerides for a weekend of fun and frolic?

What is a “real man” to do?

The answer is simple:

Get off the couch, walk over to your wife….and thank her.

Your “near vegan Dominatrix” loves you enough to actually care about your health.  She wants you to enjoy good health.  She cares.

Though the transition to healthy food may not be easy, the end result leads to a longer life full of enjoyment.  Veggies and fish can actually taste good.  Water is far better than diet coke.

Above all, health is better than sickness and disease.

So give that wife a hug.

Who knows?  Healthy is the new sexy.

You might get lucky in more ways than one.

Thanks Cat.”

There you have it.