My company is looking for a biology artist, i.e. an artist with excellent technical knowledge of cell structure and functions. If you are interested, please post a comment to this blog and I will give you my e-mail address.

Job listing:

Ideal candidate:  Microbiology or Molecular Biology graduate student with art skills.

Company:            ProselemUSA, a dba of VitaBioTech LLC

Address:              PO BOX 1052, Springville, Utah 84663

Position:              Biology artist and consultant. Independent contractor.

Hours:                 Flexible. Work from home, a few hours per project.

Pay:                    Depends on experience.

Qualifications:      Demonstrated knowledge of cell biology, structure, functions. Demonstrated ability to draw diagrams explaining cell functions. Familiarity with a set of software for drawing technical art, such as Adobe Illustrator, is a plus.

Duties:                Draw  simplified diagrams of highly magnified cells, showing certain cell functions. Diagrams will be used as part of marketing materials and need to be visually attractive, physiologically correct and easy for non-biologists to understand. Example of diagrams you will need to draw:

– what oxidative stress does to a cell or a group of cells

– how antioxidants work within a cell to fight oxidative stress

– a cluster of healthy human cells, with membranes, in a subject who eats healthy fats

– a cluster of healthy human cells, with membranes,  in a subject who eats hydrogenated oils

How to apply:

Send me a private message on Facebook ( or write to me through the contact form on our website and I will give you my e-mail address, so that you may e-mail me the following:

– a few sentences explaining why you would be interested in this position

– list the experience, skills, projects, classes taken, etc. that qualify you for this position

– attach a resumé

– attach a sample biology diagram that you created