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Orrin Hatch, a commanding presence

As a dietary supplement regulation attorney, I have had the opportunity to observe Senator Orrin Hatch at work. Although he ultimately proved to be approachable and considerate, Orrin Hatch greatly impressed – and still impresses – me by his commanding presence.  When he speaks, everyone in the room listens. His most captivating feature, however, is his tremendous level of energy. Sharp as a tack and quick-witted, he can launch a verbal uppercut before his opponent knows it’s coming. At the same time, he is one of the most focused persons I have ever met.  Tough, and tough to match. Yes, I do admire Orrin Hatch, the man. But I like what he has done even more.

Orrin Hatch has protected Americans’ freedom to choose and use dietary supplements

In 1994, Orrin Hatch authored and passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This legislation curbed the FDA’s authority on dietary supplements and provided a balanced approach conciliating safety and affordability. Without DSHEA, dietary supplements might have required the same costly and time-consuming process of pre-approval as drugs. By fighting for DSHEA, Orrin Hatch preserved the American public’s ability and freedom to choose and use dietary supplements.

Orrin Hatch has fought, time and time again, to ensure that the 150 million Americans who use dietary supplements continue to have access to safe and affordable products. Recent action by the FDA, however, shows that the fight is not over. As a passionate natural health proponent, dietary supplement user and advocate for the dietary supplement industry, I understand the importance of Orrin Hatch’s continued work to ensure Americans’ access to dietary supplements. No other candidate has the experience, vision and know-how required to continue this important mission.

A solid conservative record

Senator Hatch has a solid conservative record.

A third of the US government is the judiciary. Orrin Hatch has done more for getting the right people on the federal bench than any other senator.

If Senator Orrin Hatch is reelected, he will chair the Senate Finance Committee. This would be a nightmare for Liberals. Oddly, other “Republicans” have been aiding Liberals by attacking Hatch in an expertly orchestrated, heavily financed and misleading campaign.  These faux-republicans pick apart about 80 of Orrin Hatch’s votes and, through a mixture of lies and misrepresentations, draw false but attention-grabbing conclusions about the Senator’s record. Unfortunately for them, Orrin Hatch’s record comprises more than 12,000 votes! Drawing conclusions from 80 of the 12,000 votes about the Senator’s overall record is not exactly a badge of reliability. Add to that the outright lies and you know you are dealing with a sleazy organization.

The genitor of this propaganda claims to be a “grass-roots organization committed to lower taxes and less government and to support the work of small government conservatives.”  You may know someone who has been contaminated by this propaganda. Truth is the best antidote. Get it here: http://realhatchrecord.com/

The Senate Finance Committee: key to the federal budget

The anti-Hatch propaganda has been deployed with tremendous violence, permeating all Google and Twitter searches. Many voters even received the misleading materials directly. The motivation of this faux-republican movement becomes clear when you consider the power, money and responsibility at stake:  the Senate Finance Committee oversees more than 50% of the federal budget.

It is precisely because the Senate Finance Committee is key to the federal budget that its Chairman should be a tough and experienced conservative. Orrin Hatch is simply the best candidate for the job, and the most trustworthy! You know he won’t waver when it comes to the agenda to stop tax hikes, balance the budget, cut the debt and repeal Obamacare.

True Republicans will vote Hatch, because he fights to lower taxes, balance the budget, reduce the deficit and repeal Obamacare. If you approve this agenda, support Orrin Hatch!


PS: Stay tuned for a post with highlights of Orrin Hatch’s colossal work.