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I’ve long repressed my inner mad scientist. After protracted negotiations, we have agreed to some conditional freedom, but only every other weekend and under strict supervision. I am compiling a list of projects to tackle (mwa ha ha ha!!!!) soon. First on my list: build something solar-powered!!! After scouring instructables.com and lifehacker.com, I finally chose instructions from … Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories walks you through the steps required to build a simple solar circuit, adding a supercapacitor or a rechargeable battery to store and provide energy during short solar interruptions, adding a darkness detector, and even adding a microcontroller if you are ambitious…  You can use your newly acquired skills to ” make our microcontroller-driven, dark-detecting, solar-powered programmable pumpkin” which fades its eyes in and out one at a time. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories even tells you where to buy the solar panel for $3! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…