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In response to the frustration of many users over Ipad touchscreen keyboard issues, two Australian inventors presented their “Liquid Keyboard” upgrade for the Ipad at Tech 23, held earlier this year in Sydney, Australia. Liquidkeyboard.org thus summarizes the chief touchscreen keyboard complaint: “Virtual keyboards do not allow touch-typing as firstly placing 10 fingers on the screen would activate keys accidentally and secondly one cannot feel the keys.” Solution: “The LiquidKeyboard™ enables users to know exactly where keys are positioned on the keyboard as these keys are always at the same position relatively to the current finger position on the screen. Therefore one does not have to look at the keyboard in order know where keys are located.” Rather than goobledigook you with the technical explanation, I invite you to watch the demo video at liquidkeyboard.org! Thank you John Calistro for alerting me about this on your tech blog! (The image below is a dummy. To see the video, go to liquidkeyboard.org.)

Interestingly, this is invention was born as part of a research project at the Universisty of Technology, Sydney. Liquidkeyboard.org is looking for research and business partners. Contact info is on their website. Definitely a mastermind to watch!