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“If history repeats itself, I’m totally getting a dinosaur!” tweeted my friend last week. Why wait? Dinosaurs are alive and thriving in the imagination of gifted artists around the globe. From the first days of paleontology, artists have played a key role in materializing the findings and theories of field researchers into concrete representations. Whether scientific or fantasy illustrators, dinosaur artists are the co-creators of dinosaurs in the collective consciousness. Part I of my series on Dinosaur Art is about Joe Tucciarone, a classic dinosaur artist. You’ve probably seen his work in books and documentaries. After earning advanced degrees in science from several universities, Joe began a professional career as a space artist at the Memphis Museum planetarium. In 1995, his childhood passion for drawing dinosaurs came alive again as he produced and illustrated a planetarium show about dinosaurs. Since then, he has produced masterpieces of scientific illustration in this field. Below is little teaser selection for you. Afterwards, be sure to read Joe’s biography and check out his beautiful and inspiring gallery. Thank you, Joe!

Source: joetucciarone.com via Catherine on Pinterest

And finally, my vote for the best dinosaur pet goes to… Microceratops, about the size of a rabbit! Perfect size even if you live in a small Paris apartment!