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20111109: Earlier today, the London Natural History Museum announced a very unusual finding: a beautiful lobster of a striking electric-blue color! Fishermen caught this lobster off the Coast of Scotland. Thankfully, an alert fishmonger, Rex Goldsmith, noticed the spectacular specimen in a London fish market and notified a scientist at the London Natural History Museum. After spending a few days at the Museum, Mr. Blue Lobster took up residence at the London Aquarium. Isn’t he beautiful? I think Mark Zuckerberg should sponsor him as the official Facebook mascot! That lobster is Facebook blue!

20111116 Update: Today, the Huffington post finally published an article about this rare Electric Blue Lobster finding!

20111117 Update: Rex Goldsmith will visit Blue Lobster at the London Aquarium later today and will report to me! Check back later for fresh Blue Lobster news!

Electric Blue Lobster has decided to be the mascot for a Natural History-related good cause! Follow him on Twitter (@EBlueLobster) and like his page on Facebook!

Source: nhm.ac.uk via Catherine on Pinterest