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I must be a very good girl. The Universe keeps rewarding me with one delightful treat after another. Today, I discovered Nojhan, French biomathematician specializing in stochastic algorithms, metaheuristics, biomedical engineering, and optimization, inter alia. His work includes swarm intelligence and ant colony optimization metaheuristics research. As a grad student, he established models for ant colony behavior and social monkey behavior! I love this guy! But wait, there is more! In addition to working as a research engineer, he understands and practices the Art of Mathematics. Anyone who has had a love affair with math will know what I mean. He also produces beautiful, practical works of art such as this Geolocalized Paris metro map. Besides being visually stunning, this map satisfies my obsessive compulsive need to know the exact localization of metro lines and stations. Whereas the standard metro map is merely a stylized and schematized illustration of metro lines, Nojhan’s map is what Google Earth would show if it were smart enough! Thank you, Nojhan!