I know, I know. This blog is about delightful lifestyle tidbits for humans, not about the lifestyle of any animals, let alone crabs. What can I say? I occasionally bend a few rules…  I saw two captivating documentaries on franco-german TV channel Arte yesterday.  The first one covered the red crab migration on Christmas Island, Australia. Imagine living on a turquoise-rimmed island where, once a year, hundreds of thousands of crabs migrate from the “forest to the coast, to breed”. (Don’t we all?) Some roads, beaches, backyards and other public spaces may at times be covered with a crunchy and crawling sea of these beautiful red creatures. Their motivation and reward: a twenty-minute-long encounter with their lover, which seems like an eternity when you are a shell-covered, claw-equipped, crunchy creature, right?  If you were a crab and had just risked your life to cross the island, wouldn’t you want to take your time? Look at the romantic white beach with turquoise waters! How about now?

The second documentary told the story of Apopo, a non governmental organization with the mission of training giant rats to locate and neutralize land mines in Mozambique. The weight of the rats is low and thus insufficient to detonate the mines. After a rat identifies a land mine, a technical team clears the area and detonates the mine to render it harmless. Through its Mine Action Programs, Apopo has saved the lives and limbs of countless humans. Read all about it here.

Red crab migration photo credit: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/travel/surprising-diving-christmas-islands-delights/story-e6frfhb6-1225875137961.

Facts source: http://www.environment.gov.au/parks/christmas/visitor-activities/migration.html